Use our online payment option to pay for your event entries!

You can now use PayPal to pay for entries, and email your entry form to us.

Rules for using the online payment option:

1.All entries must be made using an official UKC dog event entry form which can be found here:
2.You must submit (US mail, email, or fax) your entry form to us then come here to pay for those entries. You can email your entry to us at If you wish to fax your entry to us, call Dawn at 717-382-4115 for information on how to do so.
3.By using our online payment option, on some entries you will incur a small fee above our regular entry fee. This fee is charged by PayPal for the convenience of using this service. You agree to pay this fee for the convenience of using this system.

WARNING: If your entry form is not received, missing information, missing a signature, payment is not received, or your payment does not match your entry form your entry is considered invalid until these issues are corrected. Be sure to double check both your entry form, and your payment before submitting them to us! If you have any questions about any of the payment options on this page please call Dawn at 717-382-4115 before proceeding.

Regular Class Entry

To pay for a regular class entry, select the class from the drop down list then click "add to cart". If you need to add additional payments you can click "continue shopping" on the PayPal page, return here and select another class to pay for.

Altered Class

To pay for an altered class, select from the drop down menu below.
Altered Class

Additional Entry, Same Dog, Same Day

Second Entry, Same Dog: Use ONLY if you have already entered a dog into a regular, licensed class and you are entering the same dog into the same class for an additional show on the same day. Example, You entered Fluffy for Show 1 and used the button above to pay for that class, and you want to enter Fluffy into Show 2 for the same class on the same day.

Weekend Special

If taking advantage of our Pre-Entry Weekend Special offer, you may select your class from the drop down menu below. Pre-Entry Weekend Special rules: Same dog, same class all four events $72. Note: Any class move-ups must be done at the entry table before the start of judging.

Select 1 Class to enter

Junior Showmanship

To pay for a Junior Showmanship class, select from the drop down menu below.

Select 1 class to enter

Non Licensed Class Entry - Veteran

To pay for a Veteran (non-licensed class) click the button below.

To view your purchases, or if you have no other additions, click here:

If you wish to pay for Obedience/Rally entries, click here.

Thank you for making your payment online!